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Why Register a Business?

Who Must Register Their Business?
By statute, any assumed name or DBA (a name that is not your personal name like the one on your birth certificate) for your business must be registered with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. Corporations, LLCs, Limited Partnerships, and other entities that have a registration requirement in statute will automatically fulfill this law when they register the entity type. Businesses are also required to obtain a business license from the city or county in which they are located.
Why Are Businesses Required by Law to Register?
Registration allows the business owner to have the name on file so the owner's business name should not be used by another business. This registration provides you with use of your exact business name. The more you use it and become known to the public by name, the more legal protection your name earns against "predatory encroachment" by other businesses.
Registration is required so that a comprehensive state registry of all business and corporate information is available for public reference. This information is vital to an orderly legal system and marketplace. Without it, the public or other businesses have no way of knowing the persons with whom they are doing business.
Registration is required by law to provide notice to the public of who owns or stands behind a business entity. You cannot file a lawsuit in court as a business if your business is not registered. Registration enables careful business people to verify information about companies with whom they do business.
Where Do I Register My Business Name?
You register your business at:
Utah Department of Commerce
Division of Corporations and Commercial Code
Address:  160 East 300 South, 1st Floor Box 146705
                Salt Lake City, Utah 84145-6705
Phone:    (801) 530-4849, 
               Toll Free: (877)526-3994 (Utah Residents)
Fax:        (801) 530-6111

You can register your business either in person, by fax or by mail. There is a $22 filing fee for a renewable three-year registration for a DBA. Businesses that incorporate or form a limited liability company or limited partnership, must file Articles of Incorporation, or a Certificate of Organization, or a Certificate of Limited Partnership with a filing fee of $70.
How Can I Get Help From the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code?
In order to determine if a name is available for a business to use, contact the Divisions of Corporations and Commercial Code at 801-530-4849. The Division records all of the names registered and used by businesses in Utah. If you can't visit the Division in person, you can receive most of the information you will need over the telephone, through the Division's website


160 E. 300 S. 2nd Floor   Salt Lake City, UT 84111   •   Phone: 801-530-4849   •   Toll-Free: 1-877-526-3994   •   Fax: 801-530-6438   •   E-mail: corpucc@utah.gov