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Governmental Immunity Act Database

Welcome to the Governmental Immunity Act Database
This tool is provided by the Utah Department of Commerce, in compliance
with UCA §63g-7-401(5), to retrieve address and contact information of
Governmental Entities for the purpose of delivering a notice of claim.

There are two ways to use this system:

1) Use the Search All utility to find entities containing a certain word or topic.   For best results, search on just one (1) word.   For example, searching on the word "mosquito" will bring up a listing of all Mosquito Abatement Districts in the state.   Likewise, searching on the word "Jordan" will bring up all entities that have that name in their title.

2) Click on a Category in the above menu to list all entities under that category.   You may then scroll through the listing to find the specific entity you seek.

Please direct any questions or problems with this system to the
Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code at corpucc@utah.gov.


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