Public Disclosure of Information

October 25, 2021

Information about a business that registers with the Division is public information. For confidentiality purposes, a business’s physical address may be provided rather than the residential or private address of any individual affiliated with the business.

Why business information is public information

Business information is public information so that a comprehensive state registry of all business information is available for public reference. This information is vital to an orderly legal system and marketplace. Without it, the public or other businesses may have no way of knowing the persons with whom they are doing business.

The disclosure of our records to the public is governed by the Government Records Access and Management Act (“GRAMA”). Under GRAMA, “a record is public unless otherwise expressly provided by statute.” See Utah Code § 63G-2-201(2) . The Division’s registration records are classified as public records pursuant to GRAMA. See Utah Code § 63G-2-301(2)(h), (4) . You can review the definition of a “record” at Utah Code § 63G-2-103(22) .

Historical business information is still public information

Information and documents filed with the Division are not removed from the corporate records even when new information or documents are filed.

Information appearing on other websites

The Division does not have any authority over the content of other websites and, as a result, cannot remove information from other websites. If you have concerns about the content of other websites, you should contact the organization responsible for the site.

Access to government records

For information on requesting access to government records, please visit the Department of Commerce’s Access to Government Records page .