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Uniform Commercial Code

New UCC System is Now Live!

The Division has implemented a new UCC/CFS online filing system!  In addition to an enhanced UCC filing experience, the new system will also accept the filing of CFS documents online.


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The Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code is the central filing office for financing statements and other documents provided under the Uniform Commercial Code. The intent of filings is to "perfect" or preserve security interest in named collateral.

You are always encouraged to consult an attorney to ensure appropriate consideration of all the legal implications of your choice of entity and filing. We stress that this filing website is not intended to substitute nor replace the advice of legal counsel.

All forms, guide sheets, and packets require Adobe Acrobat reader (4.0 or higher). If you do not currently have the free Adobe Acrobat reader software, it is available here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

    UCC stands for "Uniform Commercial Code." The Uniform Commercial Code is a law governing commercial transactions (including sales and leasing of goods, transfer of funds, commercial paper, bank deposits and collections, letters of credit, bulk transfers, warehouse receipts, bills of lading, investment securities, and secured transactions). The purpose of the UCC was to establish a uniform set of rules to govern commercial transactions, which are often conducted across state lines. The goal of the UCC law is to create a body of rules that would realistically and fairly solve the common problems occurring in everyday commercial transactions. The Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code is the central filing office for financing statements and other documents provided under the Uniform Commercial Code. The intent of filings is to "perfect" or preserve security interest in named collateral.
    UCC-I: Standard UCC-I form for all new liens.

    UCC-II: Standard UCC-II form for lien search request.

    The UCC Division does accept any lien search requests made in writing, if all requisite information is included.

    UCC-3: Standard UCC-3 form for lien terminations, amendments, assignments, continuations and partial releases.

    UCC-5: Standard UCC-5 form for notification of needed corrections for inaccurate or wrongful filings.

    Many office supply and business form companies carry standard UCC forms. For your convenience, the following companies provide UCC forms:

    Registre, Inc.
    514 Pierce
    Post Office Box 218
    Anoka, Minnesota 55303
    Fax: (763) 421-0865
    Phone: (763) 421-1713

    Capital Business System, Inc.
    1010 N. Dale Street
    St. Paul, MN 55117
    Phone: (651) 488-0100
    Toll Free: (800) 845-4077

    Forms Inc
    Post Office Box 1109
    La Jolla, CA 92083
    Fax: (619) 454-6944
    Phone: (800) 854-1080

    Because of difficulties in meeting the needs of customers requesting information from the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code repository, the Division is implementing new procedures for those requesting Division documents.

    The Division will no longer accept requests for certified copies of UCC filings over the phone.  Instead the Division has established a system to request documents by mail, fax, and in person.

    The Division will accept requests for uncertified UCC copies over the phone, by email: corpucc@utah.gov, by mail at: PO Box 146705, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6705; via fax at: (801) 530-6438; or in person at the Division offices at 160 East 300 South, 2nd floor, Salt Lake City. Generally, request for information from the Division will take ten working days to process and deliver. Certified UCC Searches depend upon data entry, searches are performed when the data entry has been completed for the day the Certified Search was received.

    Depending on the type of information requested there is a fee ranging from $.30 per page for copies, to a $12.00 fee per certified file number, or certified by the debtor name.

    Fee: 30¢ per page (no charge if under $3.00)

    Fee: $12.00 per name searched (30¢ per page on copy)
    $12.00 per file number certified (30¢ per page on copy)

    What is needed:
    Form: UCC II Information Request (National)
    Debtor Name(s) (One name or file number per form)
    Name and address of requesting party
    Day time phone number
    *if client desires to pick up the document(s) please let us know and the Division will not mail it/them.

    Form of Payment:
    If you come in person to the Division’s office: Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express will be accepted.
    By mail: Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard or American Express (Expiration date and CSV code must be included)
    By fax or email : Visa, MasterCard or American Express (Expiration date and CSV code must be included)

    Fax copy request to: (801) 530-6438
    Email request to: Corpucc@utah.gov

    Mail request to:
    Department of Commerce
    Division of Corporations & Commercial Code
    UCC Division
    160 E 300 S
    PO Box 146705
    Salt Lake City Utah 84114-6705

    A financing statement is a document stating that an entity/individual (secured party) has a claim (security interest) in certain property (collateral) belonging to another entity/individual (debtor). For example, a business owner borrows money from a bank and uses the assets of a business as collateral for the loan. The bank as the "secured party" will most likely file a financing statement with the UCC Office within the Division of Corporations. By filing a financing statement, the bank establishes its priority over the collateral in the event the business owner files for bankruptcy or becomes insolvent.

    The filed financing statement gives notice to anyone who might be interested that the secured party has a "perfected security interest" in the business' assets. If other secured parties file financing statements naming the same debtor and collateral, the date of filing sets up a priority for payment on a first in time basis.

    Typically, a person would not file a UCC financing statement unless they are engaged in some form of commercial transaction that involves a debtor and a secured party.

    The Utah Division of Corporations and Uniform Commercial Code files and maintains these records on financial obligations incurred by individuals, business entities, and corporations. This information is important to any business or financial institution contemplating entering into a lien transaction as the secured party (the party providing funds or financing collateral).

    Knowing the current financial status of the debtor before extending credit is crucial, and it is the number of active, existing liens already in effect for that particular debtor that most interests the potential secured party. As a prerequisite to entering into a lien relationship, many potential secured parties first research a debtor name to determine their credit worthiness and then demand a lien filing in regard to the actual, current transaction. Secured parties routinely include banks, commercial businesses (appliances, autos, boats, etc.) and sole proprietors.
    $12.00 per page submitted. Terminations and UCC 5's are the only filings that currently have no charge.
    Please make checks payable to the State of Utah. We accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express (Please list the expiration date, CSV code, and zip code). You may pay in person, by mail, or fax. Our mailing address is 160 East 300 South, P.O. Box 146705, Salt Lake City UT, 84114-6705. Our fax number is 801-530-6438. You may use our cover letter to authorize our office to charge your credit card.
    When doing data entry for in-house filings (paper filings) you would need to fill out the UCC national form. There is a 250 character limit for collateral including spaces & punctuation per national form page. Should the collateral description exceeds this page limitation and is not submitted on a UCC national form addendum the excess collateral will be truncated within the data system. Online filings are open to 4000 characters including spaces and punctuation & then you are prompted to do an addendum to add more information. Attachments & exhibits that are filed in-house and are not on national forms are not data entered; however, they are kept with the original documentation and scanned into the system.
    You would need to fill out a UCC II information request form and check the copy box. We do not certify images.

    Standard: 5 years
    Manufactured Homes and Public Finance Transactions: 30 years
    Transmitting Utilities: No lapse date

    All UCC submissions must be on the national form, unaltered, typed or computer generated in order to be processed.
    A termination no longer makes the filing effective, however due to the laws that have been passed the filing status will show active for searchable reasons. You will need to check filing history for further information or activities done on the filing.
    Car title liens are filed with the Division of Motor Vehicles.
    Website: http://dmv.utah.gov/
    Telephone: 1-800-368-8824

    They are filed with the county recorder's office where the property is located.

UCC 1   Financing Statement
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UCC 1   Financing Statement Addendum Form
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UCC 3   Financing Statement Amendment Addendum
UCC 3   Financing Statement Amendment Addendum Additional Party Form
UCC 5   Information Statement
UCC 11   Information Request
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