Business Registration Information Changes

Make Changes to Your Business Online

You may make changes to your business entity online . You can update your address, change your registered agent, correct your business purpose, and modify the principals in your business.

You will need the entity number and access id. If you do not have either of those you may request that information via the online change site and by signing a penalty of perjury statement.

You may view your business information and make changes as needed. The site is secure and safe. You will be able to print out confirmation of the changes that you make.

Any changes made online will update in our database the next business day. The following day these changes will reflect and be available to the public to view on our Business Search site.

The Division of Corporations and Commercial Code encourages all changes to be made via the internet, however, we realize that not everyone is comfortable using the internet. The Division will still accept the Registration Information Change form. Although filling out the form may take longer to process than doing the same thing online.