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Governmental Immunity Act

(Title 63G-7 )
The waivers and retentions of immunity found in this chapter apply to all functions of government, no matter how labeled.  This single, comprehensive chapter governs all claims against governmental entities or against their employees or agents arising out of the performance of the employee's duties, within the scope of employment, or under color of authority.

Division Statistics

You may view statistics on all new filings for a calendar year for the following entity types: Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, DBA & General Business, and Uniform Commercial Code filings.


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Administrative Review Procedures

Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Pharmacy Benefit Managers no longer register with the Division of Corporations, HB 370 moved oversight to the Utah Insurance Department.

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Forms and Guide Sheets

For specific business entity forms and guide sheets, you can find them under the appropriate entity here. You can find forms or guide sheets for UCC here, and for CFS here.

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