How to Reinstate a Business? (General Instructions)

In order to reinstate a business, it will depend on what business type it is. Only certain entity types may reinstate. You will find a list of the different business entities, then you may choose which one you are trying to reinstate. You will find instructions on the left side of the page under FAQs on how to reinstate that specific business or if it is eligible for reinstatement.

Certain business entities like Domestic (Utah) Corporations need to resolve any outstanding Utah state tax obligations at the time it applies for reinstatement. Specifically these corporations are; Domestic Profit Corporation, Domestic Non-Profit Corporation, Professional Corporation, and Benefit Corporation that are Involuntarily Dissolved. The Division verifies the tax status of the expired corporation with the Utah Tax Commission as part of the reinstatement process.

Application and guide for Domestic Profit Corporation

Application and guide for Domestic Non-Profit Corporation

Application and guide for Professional Corporation

Application and guide for Benefit Corporation

You may reinstate a domestic (Utah) non-incorporated business, like an LLC or LP, offline by filing with our office the Application for Reinstatement . You may also need the Registration Information Change Form filled out with current information of the business entity. There is a guide sheet available to walk you through the steps of the offline reinstatement process. We encourage you to file reinstatements of any domestic non-incorporated businesses online  since it is usually faster and easier.