Ordering Documents

Electronic Documents

You may quickly obtain electronic copies (pdf format) of filed documents and/or Certificates of Existence by doing a Business Entity Search, then finding the entity you are looking for, then clicking on the details of that entity.

While looking at the details of an entity, in the middle right of the page you should see some buttons. "View Filed Documents" is one option. Click that button to search for scanned images of that entity. The images will be emailed to an email account after you input payment.

While you are on the details page of the business entity, you have another option of ordering a Certificate of Existence by clicking on the "Purchase Certificate of Existence" button.

Certified Paper Documents

If you need a physical Certified document or copy then you will need to order them directly from our office which can be done in person, in writing, or by fax. If you make a written request you may use our order form. Written requests for copies and/or certificates may take up to approximately 7-10 business days.